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for nothing small enough to carry seems valuable enough to save.

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Recently The Gordon Parks Foundation discovered over 70 unpublished photographs by Parks at the bottom of an old storage box wrapped in paper and marked as “Segregation Series.” These never before series of images not only give us a glimpse into the everyday life of African Americans during the 50′s but are also in full color, something that is uncommon for photographs from that era. a lot of people on both sides of segregation who experienced it are still alive. Mind-blowing, thank you for posting this.

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Do You Live in a Bubble? A Quiz | PBS NewsHour








I scored a 39. I saw it coming. I grew up in NW DC (although, back in the 80s, DC was hardly what it is now), have never watched a full episode of Oprah, Dr. Phil, or Judge Judy, and don’t have the attention span to be a big movie buff. But I do own a Jimmie Johnson shirt (it was more of a drunken purchase at NASCAR than an ironic one, too).

What’s your score?

I got a 56. I grew up super rural, blur collar breadwinner, the whole nine yards. Some of these questions are pretty hilarious. I wonder if a milking parlor counts as a “factory floor”?

I got a 38. Guess DC has yuppified the shit out of me.

35…some of these are unfair though…I live in a bubble for choosing not to hang out with smokers? I’ll take my clean lungs and not worry about your judgment, sir!

25. I think I did this wrong. 

Hmm, I got a 32?

11–80: A first-generation upper-middle-class person with middle-class parents. Typical: 33

Lies, fallacies and deceit. 

21 points.

0–43: A second-generation (or more) upper-middle-class person who has made a point of getting out a lot. Typical: 9.

Frighteningly accurate.  GOTDAMB. 

48 - A first-generation middle-class person with working-class parents and average television and movie going habits. Typical: 66.

Sounds about right.

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